What We Do


We provide information, advice and guidance about welfare rights, debt, health, benefits, housing, employment, consumer issues, education, discrimination, immigration and legal issues.

We organise appropriate training and other community learning opportunities that provide new skills, increase confidence and motivation.

We support our service users to overcome barriers in learning, employment and training.

We provide advocacy and support for young people with their education, training, confidence building, employment and social needs.

All the advice you receive is free and impartial and is always dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Independent – We always act in the interests of our clients, without outside influence.

Impartial – Our service is open to everybody, without prejudice.

Confidential – We will not pass on anything a client tells us, or even the fact that they have visited us, without their prior permission.

Our advice is delivered in several languages to ensure the main ethnic communities in the borough are welcomed.

We will look at your individual circumstances, giving the best possible advice for YOU.

Our objectives

  • Providing an efficient, reliable and accountable service, which is accessible to all of our customers
  • Building a reputation as a progressive community service caring about its customers and its workers
  • Being close to our customers, recognising the diversity of their needs and preferences and to respond positively to them.

Our commitment to quality

In order to meet a high standard of service delivery:

  • We will recruit a highly skilled, professional staff, who are qualified in customer service
  • We have an ongoing training commitment, to ensure we can respond quickly and professionally to your enquiry
  • We welcome and address suggestions for improvement
  • We ensure waiting times are kept to the minimum and most visitors are seen immediately or within 15 minutes, except in periods of peak demand
  • We continually monitor and address customer needs, through independent research and surveys
  • We will ensure that our staff understand and comply with Local Authorities’ professional standards of customer care.

Our customers who came to us for help and advice are disadvantaged. The diversity of our communities means that we need to respond to their needs both sensitively, and in a variety of ways. We don’t just serve the community, we are part of it.

We believe that we, and all our partners, should set and abide by the highest standards of public accountability, openness and transparency. We believe that our programmes and services can be constantly improved by reviewing the way in which we work and by learning from others.

This approach is reflected in our commitment and aspiration to create a culture which is open to suggestions for improvement and innovation from all customers, stakeholders and staff.

Our main services:

These include:

  • Providing general advice, guidance and information on a range of issues such as legal matters, housing, training, employment, education, health, social benefits, refugees’ rights and entitlements, etc.
  • Helping to access job training and work experience by networking with local employment services, colleges and other training organisations
  • Referrals to available services, follow-up and representation
  • Raising awareness within the refugee, black and ethnic minority communities of existing advice, guidance and mainstream services
  • Helping and providing advice to asylum seekers, refugees and minority ethnic communities on ways of accessing employment, education and training opportunities
  • Providing refugees with opportunities to recognise and transfer their skills and qualifications, enabling them to better integrate into the UK labour market and to generally increase their employability
  • Compiling and managing the information the user must be aware of with regard to services available and the means by which they can be accessed.
  • Undertaking social action research on minority ethnic issues and identifying the needs of asylum seekers, refugees and minority ethnic communities

Our service is free and confidential. Whether you talk to us over the telephone, face-to-face or by email your confidentiality is assured.

If you need more information about this issue please do not hesitate to call us on

020 8803 6161 or send an e-mail to

If you need more complex advice than we can give, we can make appointments for you to see our specialist advisors.

Social Inclusion, Equality, Diversity


  • We will promote social and economic integration in order to improve the living and working conditions for people belonging to low-income and other discriminated groups.
  • We will provide advocacy, fair and accurate advice to our service users, ensuring they have access to the services to which they are entitled, including health and social services, legal representation and other specialist help.
  • We will combat all forms of xenophobia, racism , discrimination, social exclusion and prejudice
  • We will promote self-help, community alliances and cooperation among ethnic minority communities to fight against poverty, social exclusion, prejudice and discrimination.
  • We will contribute to strengthening groups and links between different communities in order to increase awareness about discrimination and build strong alliances to tackle prejudice.
  • We will help migrants and refugees play a full part in the economic, cultural and social life of the United Kingdom.
  • We will promote disadvantaged and excluded communities’ access to and participation in a wide range of cultural activities, including sports, arts, libraries and museums.
  • We aim to reflect and celebrate diversity, and pro-actively enable the participation of people with disabilities, black and minority ethnic communities and groups on low incomes, such as refugees, or without income at all, such as asylum seekers.
  • We will listen to and promote the needs and aspirations of the local communities, to ensure that their voice is heard and that they play a pivotal role in developing future services and activities.
  • We will offer advocacy, advice and information to parents of children with special educational needs. This involves making verbal and written representations on behalf of parents.
  • We will promote cultural services that deliver health and educational benefits, activities which divert young people from crime or which promote community cohesion.
  • We will develop activities in the areas of mental health, education, health and community care.
  • We will support socially excluded, disadvantaged or poor clients gain access to services, opportunities, rights and entitlements.

General conduct of services

Staff and volunteers will:

  • Provide a reception service at our main entrance within the Centre
  • Provide you with clear information and easy to understand explanations
  • Treat you with courtesy and respect
  • Not discuss your business with anyone but you (unless you have agreed or asked us to do so)
  • Comply with the Centre’s statement of Equal Opportunities
  • Comply with Customer Care and Data Protection Acts
  • Supply their names and area of work
  • Carry out interviews and conversations with customers about personal matters in private
  • Meet personal callers with an appointment at the agreed time in order to provide a high quality face-to-face service
  • Be appropriately dressed
  • Be open to learning from the experience of other organisations
  • Work closely and jointly with other organisations as much as possible
  • Be committed to sharing information of good practice and findings from our work with other organisations.

We aim to:

  • Answer telephone calls within six rings
  • If we cannot answer your query we will ring you back within 24 hours with an update of progress
  • Answer your letter within fourteen days
  • Provide an interpreter when required.

We will:

  • Provide a warm and welcoming environment with seats, refreshments, toilets and facilities for children
  • Advise you on all your concerns, fears and aspirations regarding access to services
  • Help you to fill in necessary forms
  • Arrange interviews and appointments as and when you require them
  • Provide free up to date leaflets and information that may help or be of interest to you
  • Ensure easy access if you are disabled or using prams and pushchairs
  • Provide a fast-track service if you just wish to hand something in or need some leaflets or forms without queuing during busy periods
  • Continue to test customer satisfaction with our services regularly, so that we can learn from any complaints and improve our services
  • Be open, accountable and financially efficient and prudent, reflecting the highest standards of public sector financial management
  • Listen and respond to feedback from our members, service users and other customers
  • Work with key partners to facilitate and support the development and dissemination of best practice.