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Children with Diabetes in the UK

A large online community which puts you in touch with other families who are raising children with diabetes. It is open to UK parents and carers who would like to discuss all of the personal and scientific aspects of this condition and how it affects their family’s lives. They aim to support families with newly diagnosed children or any families who wish to discuss raising a child with diabetes.

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Healthier You – NHS diabetes prevention programme

Working hand in hand with local NHS services, our team of friendly, expertly trained educators are helping change behaviours, delivering proven results in the prevention of Type 2 diabetes.

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DESMOND – Type 2 Diabetes Programme

DESMOND is the collaborative name for a family of group self management education modules, toolkits and care pathways for people with, or at risk of, Type 2 diabetes. The DESMOND Programme offers training and quality assurance for Healthcare Professionals and Lay Educators to deliver any of the DESMOND modules and toolkits to people in their local communities.

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Diabetes in Scotland

In 2014 the Scottish Diabetes Improvement Plan was launched. It’s implementation is coordinated by the Scottish Diabetes Group (SDG). Our vision is for all people with diabetes in Scotland to:

  • live longer and healthier lives;
  • feel confident and able to self-manage their diabetes day to day;<.li>
  • have equitable access to timely help and support when required.

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Diabetes support group AGEUK Enfield

Provide support on how to manage your diabetes through different speakers.

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