Social integration is key to increase BAME and refugee communities’ confidence and to help come closer to eliminating the inequality that still exists in society.

In order to truly participate in society and succeed on the same level as their white counterparts, members of the BAME community need to feel appreciated and a part of a broader society working towards a greater good.

We will only thrive as a society when we come together to acknowledge and celebrate our differences, leveraging them to the greater good of all.

Social integration is a thread which weaves through all of our services provided by Diversity Living Services, particularly in our provision to refugees.

Community cohesion

Community cohesion

is central to our wellbeing and growth as a society as well as individual self-reliance. We work to promote social integration knowing that it not only helps the individual, but society as a whole.

Our aim is to breakdown socioeconomic inequality so that we create a society in which we bring together the benefits of social cohesion. We are keen to socially integrate refugees to their local community so that they can benefit from and contribute to culture, employment, voluntary opportunities, health services, leisure activities and more.

Many of our endeavours towards greater social integration involve promoting awareness and facilitating access to services including education and employment. Therefore, our social integration aims encompass those of our other areas of action.

Our Services

  • Advice: We work in communities to provide support, guidance and advice when an individual’s migration or refugee status is hindering their entry to the job market. Help and advice may include organising official documentation and accessing the benefit system.
  • Advocacy: We work as a support to provide advice to asylum seekers, refugees and minority ethnic groups when it comes to accessing employment, education and training opportunities. We help individuals know how they can ensure their skills are recognised and how they can transfer qualifications and thus improve their employability.
  • Fighting against Discrimination: We raise awareness about the impact of discrimination and put pressure on the government and private sector do more to prevent discrimination and racism.
our service
  • Improve knowledge and raise awareness: We help BAME and refugee communities to understand the routes of social integration whilst also facilitating this by providing independent and confidential information covering a range of issues. These include welfare rights, training and education, employment and legal support.
  • Access: We provide information and encouragement to enable non-English speakers to access English language training courses so that BAME can confidently use their skills at the appropriate level within the workforce. Furthermore, we help those from the BAME community to access job training and work experience through networking with local employment services, colleges and other training organisations.
  • Signposting: We provide signposting services to enable BAME and refugee individuals to fully integrate in to the wider British society.
  • Influencing: We strive to ensure we have visibility over policies at a society level ensuring that the BAME and refugee communities are adequately represented.