Why do young people matter?

Take the Leap Project

Diversity Living Services is currently implement an EU Erasmus+ Project with 4 European partners. For more information please visit https://www.taketheleapproject.org.uk/

The overall aims of this project

  • Promoting inclusion, equality and diversity in entrepreneurship and start-up for disadvantaged young people.
  • Promote Employment Opportunities for Disadvantaged Young People.
  • Promote access to labour market, finance and business creation opportunities for Disadvantaged Young People.

The project objectives

  • Developing/trialling new innovative tools and training for young people
  • Supporting young people to develop their project ideas especially in practical social entrepreneurship.
  • Supporting groups underrepresented among entrepreneurs.
  • Further professionalisation and competences development of youth workers and organisations
  • Supporting the youth workers and organisations to develop and share effective methods of reaching out to marginalised young people.
  • Improving youth organisations’ ability to facilitate entrepreneurship training, providing socially excluded young people with bridges to self-employment and enterprise.
  • Developing the skills of socially excluded youth learners in basic and transversal skills in business, IT, media production, marketing, E-commerce and entrepreneurship.
  • Providing workshops to promote confidence, creative/entrepreneurial thinking, skills recognition, problem-solving and training in business skills such as writing a business plan, marketing, etc.
  • Creating more and equal opportunities for all young people in education and the labour market.


Our services to Young People

We believe that all young people should have access to services and opportunities they need and no young person should be left behind.

Our vision is that every young person is provided with the opportunity to learn the vital skills to access the labour market, arts, health services, entrepreneurship support and make a valuable contribution to their communities and wider society.We target young people aged 13-25, young people with disability,educational difficulties, facing economic, cultural and social obstacles including poverty, immigration and race, discrimination, young people having health problems, and young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET).

Our Services

Young people not in education, employment or training often who have not to develop appropriate skills, experience and attributes and find themselves excluded from education and work opportunities. Too many young people leave school prematurely running a high risk of being unemployed and socially marginalised.

Many young people want to work in the arts, but a significant number are deterred due to concerns and misinformation about being able to make a living and a general lack of careers advice in relation to the creative industries.

Our focus is on engaging the most marginalised participants to enable young people to realise their potential through the following services.

Why do young people matter?

Why do young people matter?

It is our young people that have the power to shape and change the future. The current reality for BAME communities is a landscape of inequality, exclusion and discrimination. Whilst improvements in society have been made, we want to pick up the momentum and ensure a fairer society for all. To do this we need to look to the next generation.

We need to be on the side of our young people, helping raise awareness amongst them of their rights and opportunities. This will help them to take the steps towards contribution and autonomy.

Our aims

We cannot shy away from the reality that addressing the issues facing BAME young people is immensely complex. However, we aim to make tangible differences so that the future of BAME communities are not characterised by the same disparities we see today.We aim to help, support and advise young BAME people particularly within the areas of youth violence, education, careers and opportunities, employment, employment, access to housing and reducing homelessness, social support and the Criminal Justice System.

Our Services

To support our aims of improving the lives and outcomes of BAME young people we undertake a range of different actions including:

  • Providing information and advice: Through improving access to information regarding careers and educational opportunities, we strive to enable every BAME young person to meet their potential. We inspire and help ignite aspirations.
  • Support in social care and housing: We provide advice and guidance to BAME young people and their families to enable them to access services in social care and housing, and as such reduce the racial disparity in homelessness. Our advice services including housing and tenancy advice and support.
  • Guidance and prevention: We help BAME youths within the Criminal Justice System to experience fairness and equality, whilst also working to prevent young people being involved in crime and entering the Youth Justice System. Part of this work is to tackle gangs and reduce reoffending.
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  • Listening, involving and advocating: We listen to and involve young people in various programmes to help them become valuable members of society as well as giving them a voice in the area they live in and issues which affect them.
  • Learning Support: We provide advice and guidance on learning and career options to all young people
  • Personal development: We help cope with personal difficulties and/or boost confidence and motivation.
  • Skill development: We promoting young people’s participation in learning and skills training as routes to work
  • Support in employment: Supporting young people with the skills development and careers support they need to progress through the participation in work-related activities and building their confidence levels – including work tasters, workplace behaviour, CV and interview skills, and access to volunteering and work experience placements through our partners.
  • Giving Voice to Young people: Giving young people a voice on the youth employment issues that affect them.
  • Entrepreneurship Support: Promoting entrepreneurship and creative learning and social entrepreneurship among young people.
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Expected Outcomes

Along with ambitious aims we have ambitious expected outcomes for our young people’s programme. We will work to see:

  • Futures not failures: We expect to see young people supported to make the most of education and access suitable and sustainable employment.
  • Support not criticism: We will see, through counselling, guidance and support, a therapeutic approach towards supporting our young people rather than stigmatising them and determining their future to be both fixed and negative.
  • Inclusion not exclusion: We will see evidence of our success through reducing the number of children and young people excluded from school, as well as increasing the numbers in employment or training.
  • Safety not crime: Reducing the number of BAME youth offenders and perpetrators of violent crimes.
  • Choice not limitations: Working with families we will open the doors of opportunity through information and advice, enabling them to feel empowered in their communities.
  • Futures not backgrounds: We will see young people with exciting and sustainable futures where they are safe, fulfilled and independent.

Employment and Skills Development

  • Young people have learned the skills that employers are looking for
  • Young people can take their next steps on their career journey, progressing to employment or full-time study.
  • Young people have increased motivation to learn and progress into employment
  • Young people have acquired skills to search for work.
  • Have improved levels of skills for employability and entrepreneurship; (including social entrepreneurship).